Felix the Reaper is a Delightfully Macabre Puzzle Game About Death

PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One

Most mystery games aren’t bizarre enough. Sure, demanding new titles like Legend of Solgard seem to shake up the match-three formula, though, a lot of puzzle games wind up focusing solely on mechanics instead of world-building or storyline. While ’s all fine and dandy, it’d be wonderful to find a brand new generation of puzzle games transgress the conventional boundaries of mystery games and also push the genre into fresh, uncharted oceans.

Lucky for me, Felix the Reaper does precisely that.  Developed by Kong Orange, Felix the Reaper is a “romantic comedy” puzzle game in which passing is your protagonist. During the course of this game, players command Felix, basically a grim reaper, on his different assignments to bring death to people. Since Felix is not a person, instead, a diminished employee in The Ministry of Death, he could simply traverse earth from the shadows. In order to attain his aims, Felix should rotate the sun to control the shadows and browse each level.

Under the veneer of Felix the Reaper‘s fundamentally black subject matter is really a refreshing sense of levity. Felix is just on the planet killing people since he’s appearing to impress his love interest, a woman named Betty who works to the Ministry of Life. Lightening the mood further, Felix moves round each phase by dancing, a skill not often attributed to an angel of death.

You may check out the new teaser trailer for Felix the Reaper below.


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