SoulCalibur VI’s New Character Leaked Again, and this Time it’s Yoshimitsu

PC, PS4, Xbox One

Seems like Bandai Namco can’t catch a break : After the leak that showed Taki  earlier this season, this moment it’s Yoshimitsu’s turn to be unveiled ahead of time as SoulCalibur VI’s new playable character.

The trailer to the wacky ninja from your Tekken franchise has been leaked on the official station of PlayStation Europe and then immediately removed, but the internet doesn’t forgive, therefore it has been downloaded punctually.

The character appears unquestionably cool in this particular costume, with an oni mask and menacing luminous eyes. Needless to say, he twists, and spins, and spins.

You are able to check him out beneath from the preview, and see whether it gets you eager for SoulCalibur VI.   If you want to see more, then you can take a look at the official show trailer for Taki, the yield of Siegfried, as well as the trendiest guest character, Geralt of Rivia.

SoulCalibur VI will release for PS4, Xbox One, also PC in 2018.   You can pre-order the game Amazon.

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