PS4 System Software Update 5.55 Released, and it Does What You Probably Expect


Now Sony Interactive Entertainment created the system software update 5.55 for its PS4 available for downloading to the PlayStation Network.

The update is somewhat larger than usual in document  size, weighing exactly 460.1 megabytes. Still, the patch notes are streamlined as normal, agreeing to unspecified developments to the platform functionality.

YAnd as usual, you ought to keep in mind this generally means that the functioning of the operating system itself has been enhanced, not the games, so don’t anticipate better frame rates or whatever is likely to make the real games better.

At the moment of the  writing the upgrade is not yet on the relevant Sony sites, and also you’ll want to use the option from the configuration of your PS4 or PS4 Guru to begin the download of this upgrade and begin the  setup. Later you need to be in a position to  obtain the update from here if you’re in North America and from here in case you’re in Europe.

If you’re considering larger upgrades, you can read about the latest applicable system software limitation, which was numbered 5.50.


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