Go Vacation is Getting Re-Released on Nintendo Switch by Bandai Namco this July


Back in 2011, Bandai Namco Entertainment (Subsequently known as Namco Bandai) released a variety minigame collection Go Vacation about the Wii to mixed reception. Now, seven years later, Bandai Namco and Nintendo have migrated to re-release the game with a few new features on Nintendo Switch on July 27.

For those who aren’t aware, Go Vacation includes over 50 different vacation-themed minigames set on Kawawii Island. In between those events, the island may also be freely explored on foot, horseback, along with snowmobile, and players may find exceptional collectibles and customization things scattered about. The game also includes daily challenges which players may complete for special rewards.

Even though Go Vacation on Nintendo Switch is quite like the Wii edition of the game, a few attributes do set it apart. The game supports a huge array of Switch controllers, which ought to make its four-player multiplayer effortless to prepare. Wireless play will be supported. In regards to fresh material, the Nintendo Switch variant of Go Vacation adds mountain and marine fishing, creatures on the island which players can picture, and reward boxes which are occasionally dropped throughout the island by planes.

You may check out the statement trailer and a few screenshots below. Go Vacation is presently on Wii and can make its way to Nintendo Switch on July 27.


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