Hideo Kojima to Again Appear Next Month at E3 Coliseum


The following attendee to get Geoff Keighley’s E3 Coliseum was revealed and it’s a prominent old buddy of the host.

Hideo Kojima, the creator of this  Metal Gear Solid series and the current manager of Death Stranding, will once more be coming back to the E3 Coliseum point in 2018. The subject of conversation during the board will focus on Kojima and his own procedure for creating his games.

Kojima is going to be joined by Kong: Skull Island manager Jordan Vogt-Roberts through the board to take part in the dialogue. Vogt-Roberts is a longtime fan of Metal Gear Solid and in recent years has been associated with a film adaptation of this game. The project is still quite early in production, nonetheless, also hasn’t proceeded past the scripting phases as last documented.

If you’re expecting to hear additional information about Kojima’s present project   Death Stranding, you might want to keep an eye on Sony’s showcase Monday night rather than Sony has confirmed that Death Stranding is going to have a presence in their summit though we’re uncertain just what will be shown.

Presently, the schedule for E3 Coliseum hasn’t been shown but now we’ll surely learn more particular details as we draw nearer to the series. Hideo Kojima joins Darren Aronofsky, and Tim Schafer as merely a number of the additional guests who will be swinging by the E3 Coliseum stage next month throughout E3 2018.


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