Crazy Justice Announces Streamer Program, Releases New Gameplay Footage for Nintendo Switch

PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One

Developer Black Riddle Studios, creator of the approaching third-person shooter Crazy Justice, has announced its Streamer Program. This plan will provide pick, participating Twitch and YouTube streamers that a “Streamer Pack” which includes a digital key for the game, also a t-shirt, along with other promotional goodies. The programmer released this info in a new YouTube movie in which they also revealed new footage from the game.

Crazy Justice is one of the latest games with a battle royale style looking to duke it out using PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds along with Fortnite. This guarantee of a Switch variant assisted the game launching a hugely successful fundraising effort on Fig, where an overwhelming quantity of backers chosen to get the Switch version of this game.

Though it’s clear to be afflicted by combat royale exhaustion, the prospect of playing Crazy Justice about the Nintendo Switch is still enticing.   Although the game has no set launch date out of Q2 2018, it’s accessible for pre-order on every platform in the developer.

Check out the Streamer Program announcement video below. Should you’re thinking about applying for the program, you can send the developers your data here.


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