Taiko Drum Master for Nintendo Switch Gets Japanese Release Date, Kirby, and More


If there’s one third-party franchise that’s literally ideal for your Nintendo Switch, which will be Taiko Drum Master. Now Bandai Namco announced the Japanese release date of Taiko Drum Master Nintendo Switch ~ Jon!  

The game will hit the local shelves July 19th, and it will charge 6,100 yen plus taxes both at retail and also in electronic download.

It is going to also introduce a couple of new minigames. “Everyone Banzai! ” will request players to syncronize their moves as they cheer. Homerun batter will prompt them to swing and struck the ball after the rhythm, which can also signal when a curveball will soon come.

Here you can have a look at some screenshots showing the newest party minigames as well as the guest figures, together with a preview.

Right now there’s absolutely not any mention or announcement to get a western release. We’ll have to find out whether something is shared online by Bandai Namco.


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