Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time Receives Charming Launch Trailer to Celebrate its Release


Now, Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time finally starts on PC and PlayStation 4 and to commemorate the occasion, Bandai Namco was generous enough to launch a brand-new and vibrant launching trailer.

Back in  Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time, players command  Akko, a pupil, and witch-in-training in Luna Nova. Through the game, players can fight through dungeons with one of seven pupils in the popular anime series. With every character offering their own areas of expertise.

Aside from the single-player content, Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time  additionally features a single is a horde-like mode, where three players work together and struggle through a ton of adversaries, with every dungeon becoming increasingly catchy; people who can endure in the manner long enough will soon be rewarded with loot to their own troubles. While the next style is a two-player conflict mode where two teams of 3 figures have been pitted against each other in various game requirements.

You can see the brand new trailer beneath this report. To find out more on this game, take a look at a lovely   batch of screenshots focusing on multiplayer, the game’s cinematic introduction sequence, in addition to a separate   gallery of screenshots, which spotlight PSN exclusive minigame Magic Knight Grand Charion.  

As stated before, Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time is available now on PC and PlayStation 4.


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