DualShockers’ WeebCast Episode 06: The Renaissance of Japanese Games

PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One

Our WeebCast is a weekly podcast dedicated to all thing Western, and today you’ll be able to listen to its sixth installment, focusing upon the renaissance of Western games, a lot of which climbed to critical and fan acclaim over the last few years after a span of semi-limbo.

After watching it our weeb hosts (yours truly and Staff Writer Emily Hobbs) felt the need to discuss the topic from the podcast because it’s a really fascinating one.

We speak about our favorite Japanese branded, and the reason they were successful among fans of Japanese games, as well as many who used to scoff in the normal JRPGs.

In addition to this, we also chat on the most recent Japanese game news, anime, and a few tidbits regarding Japanese geek culture generally.

This podcast features one of those pillars of DualShockers’ philosophy, as our website has ever been built on the notion embracing our passions, and which is precisely why we have been striving to make a secure haven where gamers could be weeb as much as they want, and be completely proud of this.

In case you missed it, you could also listen to the former episode, focusing on the visual novel genre.

Please do bear in mind that this podcast is still in an experimental phase. Constructive criticism and ideas are absolutely welcome and encouraged, so please leave them in the comments below. It is also possible to let us know which topics you want to see covered in upcoming episodes.

Now, with no further ado, you can listen into the DualShockers’ Weebcast below, either on YouTube or Soundcloud. You may also listen on iTunes if you so wish.


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