Bethesda’s Pete Hines Says Rage 2 Reveal Was Always Planned for Today Despite Early Retail Listing

PC, PS4, Xbox One

Before   Rage 2 was officially disclosed that afternoon, we reported the way the game’s early listing on Walmart Canada contributed to Bethesda reacting to the leak. Many thought that for your retail listing of   Rage 2 essentially monopolized the game’so existence, Bethesda Softworks would have possibly  opted to not reveal the project till E3.

After the game’s proper reveal, Hines chose to Twitter to respond to whether or not the publisher would have stayed quiet about Rage 2 until E3’d the Walmart Canada list not occurred. Hines stated that the teaser trailer has been scheduled to occur today regardless of that escape.

It seems that the only real thing the Walmart Canada listing of Rage 2 did was progress Bethesda’s timetable by one moment. Hines also said that this leak allowed them to get a little more interesting with the slow reveal of Rage 2, that was clearly seen in the game’s Twitter accounts that poked fun at the retail list.

Until make certain to have a look at the show trailer if you haven’t done so yet.


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