Muv-Luv Alternative: Strike Frontier’s Celebrates Mother’s Day in its Own Way


DMM’s Muv-Luv mobile game Muv-Luv Alternative: Strike Frontier is celebrating Mother’s Day with the following of its particular events weekly.

Even the  Muv-Luv series isn’t just filled with moms, but there are a few, and the programmers found the very best candidate for the role for 2 Power-type pilots at the gacha. The first is among my personal favorites,      211st Tactical Armored Battalion Zhar commander Fikatsia Latrova. She actually has a boy, even if his whereabouts are still unknown, and she pretty much treats her pilots as they were her very own kids.

The second is a less obvious option, but ultimately pretty much inescapable to anyone who knows the series. Yet, in the multiple functions she covers round the deadline, she can be pretty much identified as a mother figure.

For people who aren’t very blessed at gacha, then we also get two free SSR TSF, Marimo-chan’s Type-77 Gekishin along with  Fikatsia’s Su-37M2 Terminator. It is possible to check all of them out below, as usual, portrayed by illustrations.

In other   Muv-Luv  news, it is possible to take a look at our recent inspection of the major trilogy, along with our  interview with founder Koki Yoshimune, in which he shared lots of interesting information, including a few tidbits on Strike Frontier.

Muv-Luv Alternative: Strike Frontier is currently accessible for iOS, Android, and also on browsers for PC.


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