Soar to the Skies with Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition’s Fifth Character Highlight Trailer


Thus far we’ve noticed series regulars, old favorites, buddies from the high seas, also interlopers from the Twilight, and now, we get a opportunity to go to some old friends and foes out of  Skyward Sword along with  A Link Between Worlds…and another very special guest.

That’s correct: this trailer brings us back into Skyloft and our experiences through primordial Hyrule, first emphasizing everyone’s favorite annoying robot woman, Fi. She jumps into framework with her bad comprehension of personal spaces and dances through enemies prior to slicing them to pieces as a giant Aegislash-esque sword. She is followed by a fast cut to everyone’s favored goddamn enthusiast, Ghirahim, that unfortunately doesn’t exhibit his astonishing tongue-licking intimidation skills (seriously that has been dreadful for Connect). Instead, we expect to watch his amazing repertoire of moves, including some classic ground-stinger sword summoning and also calling up some minions to do his dirty work for him like any good villain should.

Then, we hop on over to the world of A Link Between Worldsor, instead, we hop on into the worlds. On our lineup of all-stars from this game is Ravio, that instantly showcases what he’s all about by falling to the ground. Presumably, he later moves and enjoys Link’s home while the protagonist is outside trying to save the entire world. We get to check out Yuga (who’s a man by the way, didn’t realize that until quite a ways throughout the game), who utilizes his own sorcery to produce a powerful blow.

Ultimately, we rounded our highlights up with a particular series regular…that’s right, Ganondorf gets his time to shine in that which I end up being his best costume so far. Together with Triforce of Power hand (literally), he mops the floor with anybody who wants to challenge him. His moves include sweeping strikes from his giant swords and summoning a goddamn Dormin-demon Stand to decimate his absurd foes.

And with this, it looks like we’ve seen our final Character Highlight trailer for Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition. It will include  a roster of over 25 characters new and old–many of them featured at the five trailers that Nintendo has introduced to hype up the game’s Switch incarnation. You can have a look at our review of both   Hyrule Warriors for the Wii-U  along with  Hyrule Warriors Legends  about the 3DS.

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