Punch Club for Nintendo Switch Has a Release Date on the European eShop


Showing a release date for May 24 about the Nintendo European eShop, Punch Club will shortly be added to the Nintendo Switch lineup. The news is a couple of months after tinyBuild Games declared their aims onto a Nintendo Switch livestream event.

Punch Club is a boxing management simulator and it reveals its true character as an action movie sometime before the turn of the millennium. You must manage your boxer’s skills and personal life, as well as maintaining his health and achievement so as to get the killer of his dad during his success and position.

There’s a route you may choose in Punch Club, or rather, there are 3 paths linked to your stamina, agility, or precision. They are the Manner of the Bear, the manner of the Tiger, and the Manner of the Turtle. Pick whatever route that may tickle your fancy and endeavor to balance your boxer’s lifetime without needing him to failure at the ring, or to stardom.

Punch Club has been on the market since 2015 and could be found on other programs such as Android, iOS, Mac, Nintendo 3DS, PC, PS4, along with Xbox One.


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