Hearthstone Director Ben Brode Announces Departure from Blizzard


As one of the direct creatives behind among Blizzard’s greatest possessions, Hearthstone manager Ben Brode has experienced a significant hand in identifying the massively-popular digital card game over time, and today it appears that Brode will probably be moving on to help shape new adventures.

At a post on the Battle.net forums, Hearthstone manager Ben Brode declared that he is going to be leaving Blizzard Entertainment following more than 15 years with the firm, and almost 10 years focusing on the name   itself.

Especially, Brode reported that his career began at age 20 when he worked as a Night Crew Game Tester at Blizzard, before finally working his way into the first of what could eventually become  Hearthstone.

In his farewell post, Brode stated that he is “very proud of   Hearthstone” and considers “we made an influence on the market,” alongside the numerous team members and programmers who had a hand in crafting the experience. In general, Brode said that he is “convinced that the game is at the best hands,” and added he’s “eager to see in which a new generation of leaders takes   Hearthstone out of here. ”

In terms of the near future, Brode explained he will soon be going on to begin a new company that will “likely make games,” and added that he is “looking forward to programming, designing, and really  creating things again. ” Likewise, he shut out his farewell by saying “thank you” to Blizzard and also for “carrying a shot on Hearthstone,” as well as thanking the players that have set their enthusiasm and support supporting the game.

For much more on the direction of Hearthstone and where it will go, it is possible to read our recent interview with Brode himself at PAX East 2018 from earlier this season, prior to the announcement of his departure from Blizzard.


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