Darwin Project is Moving to a Free-to-Play Structure on PC; Xbox One Details Coming “Soon”

PC, Xbox One

After being disclosed last year, the multiplayer title   Darwin Project from developer Scavenger Studio has offered some interesting new ideas from the growingly-popular conflict royale genre, and now the studio has now announced it is hoping to bring in new players from shifting to a free-to-play version.

Developer Scavenger Studio announced today in a livestream its battle royale name  Darwin Project will be moving towards a free-to-play structure beginning today, April 20th, and apart from its paid version (with the game now $14.99 on both the PC and Xbox One).

For players who had purchased the game on PC, a number of in-game items will automatically be provided to players’ inventories on April 24th, 2018. Alongside this, quite a few cosmetic things are also being released into this game, though the studio assured that “that the vast majority” of them is going to be accessible through in-game advancement, and that each the new things are “purely aesthetic and 100% optional. ”

Darwin Project is available today through Steam Early Access on PC, and is part of this Xbox Game Preview program on Xbox One.


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