Disgaea 1 Complete’s Western Releases Announced for PS4 and Nintendo Switch

PS4, Switch

Now NIS America declared the recently-revealed Disgaea: Hour of Darkness remaster that will be branded in Japan Makai Senki Disgaea Refine will come west with the name  Disgaea 1 Complete.

The western release will happen both in Europe and North America for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Below you may read a concise official description if youre not familiar with the game, that was initially published on PS2 in 2003.

The Overlord is lifeless. The Netherworld is in chaos. Time to kick some butt!  Netherworld Prince Laharl awakens to battle for his throne and it is up to him along with some unlikely allies to guard what’s rightfully his. With an entire cavalcade of personalities that are explosive, the trainee Flonne, along with his devious Etna, Laharl shake off, and will muster, shoot his way. Construct your squad to level 9999 and unleash crazy abilities, team strikes, and charms to deal countless points of damage within this zany high-definition picture of an RPG classic.

  • • Feel the Wrath of Laharl!  — Take charge of Prince Laharl because he conquers the Netherworld to become the Overlord inside this zany story of assassins, Prinnies, along with robots!
  • • Hours of Darkness!   — The first Disgaea is back and better than ever! Play through the narrative, or try Etna Mode with characters not found in the first release! Get lost at the Item World for countless hours of strategy RPG activity, now!
  • • LEVEL UP, DOOD!  — Level anything up from characters to items to shops, all while sporting 100-ton boxers! Head to the Meeting, also be the change you wish to see in the Netherworld!

On top of the release statement, we also have to find that the “Rosen Queen’s Finest Edition” that is already available for pre-order on NIS America’s official shop for PS4 and Switch for $99.99.

It recorded under.

And yes, that is not a typo. Etna’s mouse pad is really a “noppai” mouse pad, meaning that it’s’s horizontal like a surfboard (“oppai” in Japanese means “breasts). What did you expect in Etna?

If you want the normal edition, it may already be pre-ordered from Amazon for both PS4 and Switch.


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