Closed Nightmare for PS4 and Nintendo Switch Gets Japanese Release Date, Trailer, and Screenshots

PS4, Switch

Now Nippon Ichi Software Announced that its horror adventure Nightmare for Nintendo and PS4 Switch Will Probably release on July 19th in Japan.

The storyline is about a woman named Maria Kamishiro who awakens in the darkness having lost most her memories. Her left arm is paralyzed, and a girl Chizuru tells him he is taking part in a test as soon as the phone disappeared. She mentions that she is going to be released if the experiment succeeds then wakes up.

The game will be set in a strange place with several rooms signs of rituals, with crazy and odd characters, and enigmas. A guy is also drifting around as the player tries to discover the facts behind the experiment.

Gameplay is divided between live action cinematic cutscenes, meta descriptions, evaluation components, and puzzles.

Maria herself writes the text parts and contain. They may cause bad ends, but its potential to restart from each branch. The analysis sections allow you to look to move in the narrative. Finally, the puzzles challenge the players to work with clues and conquer games to be able to escape the experimentation.

You may take a look at the preview and lots of screenshots below.


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