Brawlout is Bringing the Fight to PS4 This Summer

PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One

With seven original characters and a few notable guests — including   Guacamelee! ‘s Juan and The Drifter from   Hyper Light Drifter — Brawlout brings a Smash Bros.. -such as brawling experience to multiple platforms, and the game is officially going to begin the fight on PS4 later this year.

On the PlayStation Blog, developer Angry Mob Games declared that Brawlout will soon be heading into PS4 this summer, providing PS4 owners the chance to undergo party-style fighting with friends.

Angry Mob supplied a couple more details on the game it will include around 18 total fighters (which comprises numerous variants of several characters), which three total guest characters will be included in the game, using one personality to be declared leading to the game’s launch.

In addition to this game’s neighborhood multiplayer supplies, the game will support online functionality and may supply visual enhancements to allow players on PS4 Pro, such as 4K resolution.

Brawlout is available now on PC and Nintendo Switch, and will be publishing for PS4 this summer. An Xbox One version of the game is expected sometime. For much more on this game, you can check out the trailer to follow the game’s forthcoming launch this summer:


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