New Yandere Simulator Trailer Is All About the Delinquent Gang


The growth of Yandere Simulator continues, and a brand new trailer was released, showcasing an impending feature, now.

The video is about the old fashioned gang, which murderous protagonist Yandere-chan might have to manage during her quest to capture senpai’s center while murdering all the competition   (or otherwise eliminating them).

We can see that the encounter interesting involves combat, and the trailer also showcases a track purposely composed for this game. The characteristic isn’t complete yet, because there’s still but it should include an update soonish.

Itll be interesting to see the ways in which the delinquents will be able assist her, or maybe even to hinder Yandere-chan. There appear to be a few weapons included.

You can check out the preview below, and should you wish to find out more, you might even check out the following video including the student council.


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