Knuckle Sandwich Continues to Be Weird; Promises Cool News and Cryptic Videos


You may remember Knuckle Sandwich because quirky Earthbound-inspired game which has flown somewhat under the radar through development, or you can not have ever heard of Knuckle Sandwich. Well, don’t stress, since  Knuckle Sandwich has learned of you and is ready to weird out you the minute that you give it the chance. Don’t feel me? Pay attention to the game’s beautiful website.

Whatever you understand about sandwiches and the knuckles which may or might not be contained inside them, the offbeat small indie gem continues development and has just made a statement on its own Twitter which “cool news” will likely be forthcoming a week on April 19, 2018. They’ve even left us with a mysterious video of another cryptic movie being played with a TV in someone’s living area, which I will spend the next a few days hoping to test prior to giving up and waiting for the Game Theorists to get it done for me.

In other Knuckle Sandwich news, developers have released another brand new tune in their Soundcloud composed by Nelward, with his own unique style which will undoubtedly match that of this game’s. In fact, he has an whole video about apple shampoo, and it’s…actually really, really tricky.

We’ll keep you updated on the cool news guaranteed by Knuckle Sandwich‘s Twitter because it drops weekly. In the meantime, all I ask is that I am told by somebody exactly what the actual, hidden significance behind the video in the tweet is. ? Did I win the lottery? Who knows! I don’t! I confused, and I really like it!

Knuckle Sandwich has been created for Mac and PC but has no release date besides a 2018, so perhaps this major announcement will probably be an official launch date. Keep a look out for what  programmer Andrew Brophy has in store for the game a week.


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