Fortnite Update 3.5.1 Officially Released; Fixes Tons of Bugs

PC, PS4, Xbox One

A few days ago Epic Games had been having significant issues with Fortnite, and later attempting to fix the problem for hours, they finally made a decision to shut the servers down briefly to be able to totally fix it. Now the servers are back up and players have to download a new patch, and it seems to put an end to a ton of bugs that are irritating.

Though the patch is extensive, a few highlights include repairs to broken sprint cartoons when shooting a Guided Missile, infrequent crashes when PS4 players departing a party after matches, login issues and more.

Besides this, V-Bucks will then be shared across Xbox One, PC, and Mobile there’s not any news on whether PlayStation players will be able to benefit from that feature.

Players should be able to download the update now. You can have a look at the complete list of limitation notes, right from Epic Games, at the end of the article.

Fortnite was released in early accessibility form last year and is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC, iOS, along with Android apparatus.


  • ‘Building Edit’ hotkey can be bound to keys other than ‘G’.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where players can fire weapons until the equip animation had ended if they had been sprinting.
  • Fixed several client crashes that were linked to the new Replay System.
  • Fixed an issue that broke player’s walking / sprinting animations if they had been firing a Guided Missile while walking/sprinting.


  • We are altering the Mini-Boss Mission Alarms for Canny and Twine straight back to their preexisting v3.5 state.
  • ‘Repair the Shelter’ goal now activates if you interact using the control panel rather than be based on proximity to this objective.
  • Allowed all players complimentary Spring Llamas (could be seen from the Loot tab).
    • We’ve changed how we convert event tickets. Players get 1 occasion Llama each 1 Llama for any tickets left over and 1000 tickets.
      • (Example)  If you have 5 tickets left in the close of the occasion, you still get 1 free occasion Llama.


  • Wood, Stone, and Metallic tools will now always be the primary items in the stock record (e.g. instead of Traps).
  • Purchased V-Bucks are now shared between Xbox One, PC and Mobile.
  • Login Queue Improvements:
    • During wait intervals, login will now remember your place online if you stop from the game and return.
    • Mobile apparatus will not enter the login queue greater than once per login attempt.
    • Two-Factor Authentication challenges won’t set you back to the login queue.

      Adjusted the Login screen design to better support secure zones and screen sizes.

      Fixed a rare accident which happened during logout.

  • PS4 players departing their celebration after a match where they’re currently playing with players on different platforms.

  • Fixed Survivor and Hero squads being hammered after switching to Save the World.

  • In the settings , adjusted PS4 controllers showing Xbox buttons, even after the control type was changed on PC.

  • Fixed rare instances in which character parts would stretch.

    • (Example) Ears of the Rabbit Raider outfit.
  • Fixed the inability after Purchasing a Llama to spin elements in the Battle Royale Locker


    Save the World.

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