Yakuza 0-2 Considered by Developers; Shin Yakuza Gets New Info on Locations and Protagonist


During a Yakuza Occasion in the Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, California, Producer Daisuke Sato Supplied some Fascinating information about the series.

Sato-san mentioned that Yakuza 0   is a game that’s particularly beloved even within the Yakuza  development team, or so the idea of developing a Yakuza 0-2 (which will be place involving Yakuza 0 along with the first game of the series) has been bounced around among developers.

That said, he did not affirm that this type of game is in development, or even intended for its future.

At the moment Sato-san is not in a position to show anything specific, however the project code-named Shin Yakuza that’s presently in development will consist of new locations to see.

The game is set after Yakuza 6, so you will find “lots of chances” for beloved characters from past games to seem.

At the moment we don’t have a lot of details on Shin Yakuza, besides the fact it is going to include a brand new protagonist, Ichiban Kasuga.

In addition, we notice that Ichiban is very different from prior protagonist Kazuma Kiryu. While Kazuma from the very beginning is well known, has a situation, along with the support of several friends, Ichiban doesn’t have some cash, friends, standing, or service. He’s the smallest of the low concerning the Yakuza hierarchy, and the story is also about where he goes from there.

Kazuma is a stoic and “stone-wall-like” personality, although Ichiban is a psychological and outspoken individual.

Funnily, Sato-san also mentioned that should Producer Katsushiro Harada would love to own Kazuma Kiryu at Tekken 7, they may think about doing it.


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