Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Release Date Details will be Discussed in March Kickstarter Update [UPDATED]

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Fans have been excited to get their hands on Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night since its first Kickstarter reveal back in 2015. Unfortunately, while it’s scheduled to release this calendar year, no particular date has yet to be given. Fortunately, however, that may change shortly.

During a board approximately Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night in SXSW now, the game’s producer Koji Igarashi discussed new facts of the game and how it will play, however the question of the game’s final release date was still not replied. In the close of the panel though we did learn about exactly when these details might arrive.

Igarashi’s translator said near the panel’s conclusion those anticipating information concerning  Bloodstained’s launch date must look for it next month’s April Kickstarter upgrade. She stated, “There’s no date however we will go over about that–discuss about the release date and our alpha backer demonstration–in our April Kickstarter upgrade. Look forward to this! ”

This doesn’t necessarily indicate that we’re going to learn the what the launch date is in following month’s update but it should hopefully give us a window. Plus, more information regarding the alpha backer demo will definitely be appreciated by people who affirmed the game through its money-raising stage.

If you’re curious, you can watch the full archived stream of now’s Bloodstained panel at the bottom of the page.

UPDATE: Following the panel reasoned the official Bloodstained Twitter account explained that release date particulars for both the main game and the backer demonstration is going to be given from the March Kickstarter upgrade, maybe not in April. While they said April during the board, it would appear this isn’t the case, that isn’t bad news by any other means. The earlier we can learn more, the better.

It is possible to come across the tweets in the Bloodstained Twitter account in the bottom of the webpage, in addition to the first story above.


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