The Council Gets Launch Trailer to Celebrate First Episode’s Release

PC, PS4, Xbox One

Today Focus Home Interactive and published the first episode of this narrative adventure game The Council.

The first episode is titled The Mad Ones, and has the player play the character as Louis de Richet because he travels to Lord Mortimer’s private island to find out about his mum’s whereabouts.

Guests include historical figures such as George Washington and Napoleon Bonaparte, but you will find lots keys to be discovered, including rather shadowy ones, it seems.

In order to observe the release of this game, the publisher also made the launch trailer accessible, and you may watch it under. You can also enjoy a prior movie and the very first teaser.

The first episode has been published for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The whole narrative will have a total of five events.

The remaining episodes will be released in a regular pace throughout this year, so we shouldn’t even have to wait a lot of to be able to observe the end of this intriguing narrative.


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