Dragon Ball FighterZ Shows off DLC Character ‘Broly’ in New Trailer

PC, PS4, Xbox One

Bandai Namco launched a new Personality trailer for Its Arc System Works developed   Dragon Ball FighterZ, available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The trailer introduces the upcoming DLC personality Broly because he “combines the battle” and demonstrates   his power. In addition, players have to trailer Broly’s move set without his crown.

Broly is among 2 DLC characters joining the roster of Dragon Ball FighterZ, the other being Bardock. On the other hand, the release date for those fighters has yet to be shown, the publisher states in the movie description “Availability will be revealed soon”. That means that you may expect more news and information regarding Bardock and Broly shorty.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is a 2D fighter featuring characters from the popular manga/anime series, Dragon Ball. The game features a variety of characters in the series and allows players to produce a team of around three fighters to battle it out within a campaign or online in multiplayer mode.

In case you missed it, then you can have a look at the first Broly and Bardock teaser trailers and their particulars.

You can check out Broly’s character preview below, now Bardock’s has not been published:


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