Bluepoint Confirms Next Project Will be Another Remake


In reality, it had been such a fantastic remake that I called it one of the greatest ever produced.

Together with  Shadow of the Colossus sent and finished, it became time for Bluepoint to flip the page and begin focusing on their next job. While the developer might be synonymous with remakes and remasters, there’s no doubt there’s enough  capacity on the team that they could create their very own original game should they so desired. But it doesn’t look that they’ll be going in this way.

In a dialogue using Digital Foundry, Bluepoint’therefore president Marco Thrush was asked if the new art team members which the studio had hired for   Shadow of the Colossus will be utilized to help create an original game. Thrush responded with the statement:

“We   could  nevertheless we’re doing another remake. This job served us as a terrific point of growing the art group to the stage where we could take on a whole triple-A game important range of art content. So now our next thing is, let’s’s improve the artwork pipeline, allow’s enhance the motor, let’s improve workflow for artists, so allow’s grow about the artwork side more to deal with our next job because it’s somewhat larger. And our next focus would be right, let’s’s focus on layout and put in new things to get to another movie, because now that can be our only focus of making sure that’s where we all set the time and everybody else, they still’re at a level where we could perform. ”

Finding out this Bluepoint is working on another remake of a previous job isn’t all that shocking however, it’s certainly intriguing. It’s particularly  intriguing to hear that the undertaking will be even bigger than Shadow of the Colossus.   Since Bluepoint has proven again and again though, in case you would like any studio to remake a previous name, then they’re arrange the go-to group to do it.

What should you think that this next remake from Bluepoint would be? Give us your greatest guesses down in the comments and hopes.


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