Scavengers Studio Gifts Darwin Project to Everyone Who Tested Their Game

PC, Xbox One

While many gamers know, being an alpha and beta tester is frequently an unrewarding experience. While accessibility to this game comes free of charge, many alpha and beta testers are basically supplying integral quality support checks and host checks on busted or possibly buggy games. And usually, after all is said and done, testers are expected to purchase the game at full cost. With this in mind, developer Scavengers Studio is looking to reward   Darwin Project testers for their hard work by giving them a free copy.

Yes, you read that correct — as an act of goodwill, Scavengers Studio is giving a copy of their game out for free for everybody who was ready to aid them in alpha and beta testing of Darwin Project. According to the studio, “our core community is the most important to continue creating the game. ”

News comes by way of an enthusiastic video posted on  Scavengers Studio’s official Twitter accounts:

The studio is obviously excited to discuss with the goodwill with the neighborhood. That’s not going to mention that this won’t gain them — any battle royale game (especially with the developing influence of Fortnite) desires as many players at the very first days as possible. But that’s not to say any goodwill to some dedicated gaming community is any more economical as it benefits both parties.

Darwin Project is available today in Early accessibility for both PC and Xbox One; including most Early entry games, we don’t have any idea when a formal launch is rolling out. But if you would like to listen to our early impressions of this game, have a look at DualShockers’ pre-release preview.


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