Mystery Exploration Game Kona Now Out on the Nintendo Switch Alongside Launch Trailer


Taking place from the 1970’s, you’re bound to the Canadian winter of Kona in this exploratory mystery game. Being published as a early-access game on Steam at 2015, the game quickly picked up celebrity and continues today to received high marks of ‘quite favorable’ ratings out of gamers. Given the popularity of this game  and the fledgling console, it should not be a surprise that Kona published on the Nintendo Switch — programmer Parabole said this desire around one year ago, in fact.

With a freezing setting of Northern Canada’s Atamipek Lake, you courageous through the bizarre blizzard that has been afflicting the property. Carl Faubert is your detective you play, and your job is to discover who has been vandalizing W. Hamilton’s home. Hamilton owns a hunting manor within this region, and his property had been become a target of numerous distinct vandalism cases.

The weather turns worse for Carl and he becomes locked to the area, so surviving the weather becomes a priority for him. His customer cannot be found and there appears not to be any indications of life because he investigates the village. Through biblical storytelling, find the perplexing events happening in Atamipek Lake and resolve the puzzle for a detective.

Kona is available today on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Check out the brand new Nintendo Switch launch trailer and some screenshots below:


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