Valkyria Chronicles 4 Gets New Trailer Showing Snow Cruiser Centurion

PS4, Switch, Xbox One

Now Sega introduced a brand new trailer of its upcoming strategy JRPG Senjou no Valkyria 4: Eastern Front, that will be named with the familiar Valkyria Chronicles 4 title in the west.

The trailer concentrates on the snow cruiser Centurion, and it can be a relevant addition in contrast to previous games. It’s basically a giant boat able to travel overland by utilizing icy fields.

We get to observe the new “Boat Purchase” mechanic, that allows Claude request assistance in the Centurion in the form of radar assistance, artillery repairs to vehicles, along with a rescue armored vehicle.

Near the end of the trailer, Sega also showcases the capacity to upgrade the boat, unlocking new orders and advancing those we have.

You may take a look below.   If you would like to see more, you  may also enjoy a current batch of screenshots and movie featuring the newest valkyria Clymaria Lewin, the former trailer,  and the gorgeous  opening cutscene with the theme song of the game.

If you wish to try the game for yourself, a demo is presently available on the Japanese PlayStation Store. If you’d rather just see, you can have a look at about  a hour of gameplay  which I recorded from the demonstration itself.

It will start in Japan for PS4 on March 21st, 2018 and for Nintendo Switch later in the summertime.


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