Guerrilla Games Celebrates the One Year Anniversary of Horizon Zero Dawn with New Video and Player Stats


Released just over a year ago now, Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn quickly became one of the past year’s acclaimed names as a result of the rich visuals and sprawling open globe, together with the studio now awaiting this game’s initial year.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, Guerrilla Games launched a brand new retrospective video awaiting at   Horizon Zero Dawn as it released in February 2017, and includes numerous team members out of Guerrilla Games along with other programmers, like members of Media Molecule as well as Hideo Kojima, talking about the achievements and creativity on screen in Guerrilla’s latest venture.

Alongside the retrospective movie, the studio also published a new infographic that details several fascinating player stats and truth that the studio logged since the game’s introduction early last year. Specifically, the infographic itself reveals details such as how many kills players earned using particular weapons, the amount of shards plants collected, the number of machines overridden, plus a lot more.

For those that have yet to experience   Horizon (which I myself only recently finishing playing), the game’s “Entire Edition” (which comprises both the bottom game and its growth, The Frozen Wilds) is currently on sale on the PlayStation Store, also awarded that the game crossed the milestone of over 7.6 million in sales, it’s certainly an adventure worth enjoying.

Horizon Zero Dawn is available now only for PS4 – you can check out the new video under and the infographic to get a look at the game’s one-year player stats (Click the photo for your own full-sized image):


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