Try Out Call of Duty: WWII’s Multiplayer for Free on PC This Weekend


Should you’ve been hoping to be able to try out   Call of Duty: WWII afterward it’s lucky day. Developer Sledgehammer Games and author Activision have formally announced that the game’s multiplayer will be wholly free to try out for this weekend only.

Starting at the moment, anybody who wants to test out the multiplayer just needs to go to the game’s Steam Store webpage, and click the icon over theAdd. As soon as you do that, the trial will start downloading.

The best part is that in case you do decide to purchase the game you’ll be rewarded for your time at the trial from two different ways. The first is that all progress, such as levels, weapon displays, stature ranks, etc., may all proceed into the complete game. Along with this,  the entire version of the game is on sale. The standard version of the game is on sale for 35 percent, while the Deluxe Edition is on sale for 25 percent, bringing the costs down to $38.99 and $74.99 respectively.

You may read our review for the complete game here, in addition to our review to get the game’s DLC, The Resistance, here.


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