Payday 2 on Nintendo Switch Delivers Tense Heist Action With Uneven Execution

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There’s a definite thrill that comes to outrunning (and outgunning) that the legislation, and video games are no stranger to this. Of course, that the  Payday series has created its own bank (literally and figuratively) on giving players the opportunity to live their lives out as a group of on-the-run outlaws pulling off the perfect heists, and now using all the game’s Nintendo Switch variant (which releases today in Europe and following week in the US), pulling off heists with friends anywhere will definitely be appealing to a particular group of players, especially to Switch players.

As the game initially surfaced on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC back in August 2013 (with subsequent releases on PS4 and Xbox One), the Nintendo Switch version not only marks the latest release for the nearly five-year-old shooter, but in addition its initial portable iteration. Much like the release of 2016’s DOOM on the Nintendo Switch last December, the fact that a big-name shot such as  Payday 2 being working on the Switch is most striking in its own right, and is now an appealing prospect of Switch players which are searching for a different first-person shooting adventure on-the-go.

For the most part, the Switch variant is a solid interface with a few thoughtful additions for the platform (such as the new community multiplayer option in CRIME.NET plus a timed-exclusive new personality, Joy), though a few of the machine’s flaws (mainly technical) are fairly obvious in the most recent version of Payday 2.   Even though Overkill Software’s nearly five-year-old shooter seems ideal for shooting your crime sprees on-the-go or for playing with friends, the Switch variant of this game provides some exhilarating heist activity that suffers from implementation.

Payday 2 is a co-op first-person shooter where up to four players take on a variety of heists as a group of masked criminals, together with the main goal(s) being to earn up to money as possible and either escape out or take on waves of authorities with guns blazing at a daring escape. As the first-person shooter equal of residing out situations pulled from   HeatReservoir Dogs, along with other traditional crime movies, the missions themselves range from easy heists like robbing a jewelry store or a bank vault, to way more complex tasks that need carrying on swarms of police forces and organizing together with your group members to not only survive, but to pull off the assignment having the most money possible.

Payday 2 on Nintendo Switch Delivers Tense Heist Action With Uneven Execution

With a few of the heists happening over several “times” (that boils down to many in-game “rounds”), coordination and teamwork is king in   Payday 2. Many of the missions can be very involved and there are a limited number of occasions that players could be restored mid-match, which makes the strain of pulling off each heist possible that more important. There’s a continuous awareness of pressure surrounding you and your teammates, and by-and-large Payday 2 succeeds in making each game trying in the easiest way possible.

In addition to the persistent police forces which players will experience, each mission also has lots of obstacles including security cameras and trip alarms, that may make the heists harder. To counter this, players have a number of strategies to bypass these environmental challenges through their abilities and equipments. Over the span of progressing through the game, players may select certain courses, perks, and also gear loadouts to create themselves tailored for certain circumstances or the heist at hand, whether they want be suited for taking on police or more adept at supporting teammates and maintaining them alive.

Payday 2 on Nintendo Switch Delivers Tense Heist Action With Uneven Execution

Each of these courses is largely developed through an RPG-like ability tree structure which players can tweak and modify to their liking, which makes Payday 2 fairly flexible in allowing players build a personality towards their abilities and advantages. Additionally, players also have a vast variety of weapons and customizations that they can unlock over the course of this game, with fresh piece of gear, weapons, or equipment which you earn providing a chance to fundamentally alter the way that you play with the game.

By and large, every one of those classes was made to meet a particular function on the team between five archetypes that have varying strengths and specialties: that the Enforcer can wield heavy gear and carry bags of money/valuables more quickly; the Ghost can professionally skip alarms and security programs; the Mastermind can cure the team and affect police powers to stand down; the Tech can decode safes and vaults in a pinch; along with the Fugitive can dispatch the police most efficiently when cornered.

Payday 2 on Nintendo Switch Delivers Tense Heist Action With Uneven Execution

Assembling your staff is only part of this challenge, as the assignments that your partners and you will proceed on depend based on the job at hand. The assignments themselves are sent via the game’s CRIME.NET menu, allowing players may finish online with friends or through matchmaking with different players; CRIME.NET Offline features the option of playing matches with AI bots as your teammates. The Switch version, however, now has the option of using CRIME.NET locally, and that means it is possible to jump into a game with four players on exactly the identical network, which makes the game more suitable for neighborhood co-op play.

The gameplay Payday 2 largely stays unchanged to the Switch, but if there’s’s one big distinct when compared with its console and PC huge brothers, then it’s in the visuals.   Technical functionality is the biggest sore spot for your Switch variant of Payday 2, using the frame rate specifically often taking the largest hit in addition to its marginally flat-looking visuals.

Payday 2 on Nintendo Switch Delivers Tense Heist Action With Uneven Execution

For the large part, the Switch really manages to hold up decently in running   Payday 2, although the performance degree between enjoying with it and undocked can be evident. As far as resolution, the game operates in 1080p in docked mode, while enjoying with drops the resolution down. The framerate, however, was where things turned into a little more uneven: enjoying with the game in docked mode provides a mostly consistent 30fps frame rate, though switching over to the undocked version of the game saw some noticeable drops, with the biggest cases occuring every time a lot is happening on-screen (large concentrations of enemies, explosions, etc.).

The controls in particular have some growing pains, based on what configuration of the machine you are currently using. As for me, I found that the Joy-Cons are still a bit ill-suited towards rapid shooters (and especially back once I played   DOOM about the Switch late last year), and   Payday 2 is no exception. By no indicates is that the game unplayable utilizing the Joy-Cons. But personally, I found that the is to play the game with a Pro Controller either docked or into tabletop mode, which made for a far more comfy FPS adventure on the computer system.

As noted by publisher Starbreeze Studios before this week, the Switch version will incorporate the game’s articles upward throughout the “Most Desired” update that released in the middle of last year – comparatively speaking, which’s supporting the “Master Plan” upgrade that the PS4 and Xbox One variations obtained late last year, as well as further behind what the PC version has as far as content and updates.

Payday 2 on Nintendo Switch Delivers Tense Heist Action With Uneven Execution

Ideally, those wanting the most up-to-date and feature-rich version of the game may want to decide on this PC version, and while programmer Overkill Software has stated that post-launch upgrades are going to be in store for your Switch variant, the company’s noted track record with updating the console versions might leave some players wanting. The reliability of this Switch version is going to be the biggest attraction, though whether that offsets some of its weaknesses in comparison to console and PC versions of this game is up for debate.

Though the Switch has shown itself to be a more flexible console which has catered to a huge assortment of genres which range from RPGs to platformers, and beyond, Payday 2 doesn’t really make the situation that the system might be prepared to undertake full-fledged shooters just yet, let alone one released almost five decades ago.   Payday 2 will deliver the goods to Switch players looking for a persuasive dose of thrills and also shooting mayhem, though those looking for a larger score may be better served with the game’s PC version where the majority of the action (and more persistent updates) are in.


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