Media Create: Monster Hunter World and PS4 Keep Dominating Japan; Massive Digital Debut Revealed

PS4, Switch, Xbox One

Today is Wednesday, so we receive the scenario being painted by the Media Create charts that are usual for the Japanese economy between February 12th and February 18th.

Below you can check out the application chart:

You can check out the hardware graph:

  1. PS4 – 41, 496
  2. Switch – 39, 303
  3. PS4 Pro – 8,006
  4. New 2DS XL – 5,778
  5. PS Vita – 4, 959
  6. New 3DS XL -3,423
  7. 2DS – 959
  8. Xbox One X – 133
  9. Xbox One – 57

To start with, we see that Capcom’s Monster Hunter World remains firmly on peak of the graphs, assisting the PS4 maintain its advantage against the Switch once again.

Square Enix’s Secret of Mana additionally had a rather strong introduction with roughly 54,000 copies offered between PS4 and PS Vita.

The Nintendo Switch remasters of Bayonetta along with Bayonetta 2 includes a pretty disappointing debut with about 20,000 copies sold at retail united. Ultimately, it’s another signal of the fact that gamers really don’t care all that much . Secret of Mana was largely saved from this trend since it’s maybe more akin to a remake, and the first game is mature enough many modern gamers have not played it, with the accession of this nostalgia factor for those who did.

Another important detail comes from today’s issue of Weekly Famitsu. The magazine shows that Monster Hunter World sold 652,614 copies between January 26th and January 28th. Based on Famitsu’s estimate (which normally differs in Media Create slightly probably due to different estimation techniques and retail resources) the game sold 2,003,026 copies within its first week combining retail and digital, using a speed of full-game electronic downloads of 36%.

This potentially sets the game as the second or third best debut for a Monster Hunter title.   Based on Famitsu’s own numbers, the debut is Monster Hunter Portable. I said “second or third” because Monster Hunter 4 surfaced using 1,875,115 copies sold at retail, however, we don’t have digital quotes.

Essentially whether Monster Hunter World conquer Monster Hunter 4 or not depends on if the 3DS game sold less or more than 127,000 copies digitally at its very first week in the Nintendo eShop. Considering when distribution was still on 3DS in its infancy , it was back in 2013, its possible but not likely.

It’s worth mentioning that the  Monster Hunter World still leaves both games (and the other mainline releases) supporting in terms of hook rate in comparison to the installed base of its console.

If you wish to compare, you can check the prior week’s results.


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