Valkyria Chronicles 4 Gets New Screenshots and Info on Story, New Characters, and More

PS4, Switch, Xbox One

Now Sega updated the official website of all Valkyria Chronicles 4, such as a lot of new screenshots.

To start with, we meet a few characters that are brand new.

Sergio Maskyura (voiced by Masaya Takatsuka) is your military doctor belonging to the Edinburgh Navy, stationed to the snow cruiser Centurion. He was a nurse at a town hospital prior to the war. He’s a kind and humorous individual, when someone attempts to escape therapy but he can become scary. His hobby is bodybuilding, minding the top rated physical strength .

Andre Dunoa (voiced by Shin Aomori) is the Chief Engineer aboard the snow cruiser Centurion along with e veteran with thirty decades of service, utilized to serve with Captain Roland for a long time. His ability is trustworthy, however, his hand is stable although he also s old man who regularly yells at his subordinates. His hobby is still alcohol.

We learn and see about the narrative at the beginning of the game.

The story starts on March 6th, 1935. While his weak Raz is resting on the front of the tank at a flower field the protagonist Claude Wallace has ceased his tank to have a rest and take notes. The landscape looks untouched by the war, but Claude has powerful intuition and finds something’s amiss. A counterattack is instantly prepared by Claude and positions Squad E at the formation. Eventually, a royal attack will come, and Dice E manages to conquer the enemy. Instead of rejoicing for his victory, Claude feels pain looking at the flower field.

After the powerful counterattack, a new order is currently awaiting Claude, informing him known as “Northern Cross Strategy. ” that the Atlantic Federation was shedding battles against the Empire. In order to reverse the situation, the objective is to assault the Imperial funding. Claude and his Squad E have been chosen to take part, alongside Squad F.

As they hit an base in a castle, regrettably, their progress into Imperial land grinds to a stop. Artillery will be needed to pave the way, but it may take in order for it to enter place. Decides to storm the fortress.

His conclusion is determined by startling information brought by Christel, Minerva’s next in command: Imperial forces have started an invasion of his motherland. Would be to finish Operation Northern Cross and end the war as rapidly as possible. That is the reason he made Gallia to volunteer at the Edinburgh Army.

The the defenses of the fort appear to be impregnable. However, Claude’s childhood friend Riley seems to provide reinforcements with a artillery weapon called. They had been split when she went to university in the USA of Vinland.

The connection between both isn’t just pleasant. Riley ’ s expression varies, when Claude methods to encircle her and she gives a greeting that is rather painful to Claude.

On top of that, we get a peek at the menuss quarters. We can get into the weapon and personnel documentsas well as the medals earned during missions.

This reveal comprises some fascinating info. To begin with, this is actually the first time that we hear that Claude and Riley are now from Gallia. Since the pronoun could have been both about Christel or Claude, the wording is a bit iffy. The first trick is that Claude’so the Hafen Go, tank, is named after his birthplace, and Hafen appears to be a place in Gallia. As Riley ’ s profile at the gallery countries that she’s from Gallia, the moment is conclusive, also we know that Claude and her hail in the identical village.

Another element is the map in the gallery. We learn concerning the “Edinburgh” that we’ve learned around for a little while. Many believed Claude’s military was American-inspired, but this is not the situation. The United Kingdom of Edinburgh is Valkyria’s version of the real United Kingdom. The equivalent of the United States of America is that the United States of Vinland.

This was brought on by the fact that maps of this continent only signaled Dokkum (the equivalent of Great Britain) and Delfziji (the equivalent of Ireland), but not the name of the entire Kingdom, that is indeed United Kingdom of Edinburgh. Now we understand, since it provides us and it s definitely interesting.

Incidentally, Edinburgh is a Constitutional Monarchy in which the King has power that is ceremonial. It fields a army with high level training, therefore it holds the frontline among the Atlantic Federation’s states and employs a number of units inside its line of battle.

You may take a look at the screenshots below.   If you wish to see more, you may  enjoy a trailer showcasing the Imperial casta different trailer, a few  movies and art featuring Kai  along with  Raz, much more  videos showing Zaiga and Ferie, similar     movies and art about Rileyabother show about Claudethe latest batch of screenshots focusing on the Snow Cruiser Centurion along with her team,  an earlier trailer some more screenshots from a few weeks ago, 2 recent gameplay videos from Taipei Game Showthe first gameplay  footage, even a  recent trailer showcasing the crossover DLC using the very first gameanother showing a broad assortment of gameplay featuresthe former batch of screenshots and datathe first trailer, more screenshotsmore artwork and advice, and   the first gallery of images.

It will release on March 21st, 2018 in Japan for PS4 and also for Nintendo Switch afterwards in the summer.


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