Gravity Rush 2 May Be Losing its Online Gameplay on PS4, But it’s Still Getting Beautiful Figures


Back in September, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that the online gameplay of Gravity Rush 2 would be closed in January, only to postpone the shutdown to July after complaints from the fans.

There are few doubts that earlier or later they’re going to go through with it, but seems like the fantastic folks at figure manufacturer  Prime 1 Studio aren’t ready to allow the game drift.

Theyre pending acceptance, but thanks to the addition of elements from the game, they seem wonderful.

IF you need a better look at these charming figures, it is possible to check out the gallery below, with additional pictures courtesy of this game’s Producer Kyousuke Wakasa himself, , along with  .

Gravity Rush 2 is currently available only for PS4, and if you’re unfamiliar with this particular jewel of a game, you should really read our review.


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