Muv-Luv Alternative: Strike Frontier Gets New Attack on Titan Event and Lots of Free SSR Units


Normally mobile games have a tendency to give you as little as you can at no cost, trying to make you hit on a wall that is gentle that you feel forced to pay in order to progress.

The game provides its players with a great deal of SSR pilots and TSF (the mecha that show up in the name) per week, that may be acquired by simply grinding, without a gacha involved. You fall these (rather easily) from the event missions, or you also unlock them using monthly bonuses or points gained by playing. Needless to say, there is also a lot of gacha, but you can construct up your squad without paying a dime with of the characters you want.

The game is released by DMM, which is frequently considered a king among predators within the area, which makes their policies for this name much more bothersome (in a fantastic way).

The developer just started two occasions.

The related gacha includes Mikasa Ackermann Armin Arlelt, Mikoto Yoroi, along with Kei Ayamine from the gacha. The most important element (apart from the humorous mix of Attack on Titan and Muv-Luv personalities, motifs, and pendants) is that they’re all Hope-type, which will be fresh and very rare in the game for now, but very convenient to combat Despair-type enemies.

The   Squad-C event provides players with a SSR Yuuko Yuuki and her own purple Type-97 Fubuki. The gacha comes with Caroline Shields, Rinka Osawa, along with her Type-97 Fubuki.

That’s four SSR TFS without touching one gacha per week which may be earned and a total of 3 SSR pilots. I don’t understand other games which do so.

While in the first area of the event the    Muv-Luv throw discovered itself in the Attack on Titan planet, this time is the other way around, using the AOT heroes end up returning the visit. It isn ’ t so odd although this crossover may seem weird for many. The   Muv-Luv setting is basically based on the concept of alternate measurements, and also  Attack on Titan  founder Hajime Isayama has mentioned this  as a significant source of inspiration for his manga.

Do remember that the Attack on Titan occasion is working exclusively on the version of the game, but once you have unlocked its own goodies, they will be available on the R-Rated version too.

Below you can check out all the goodies, which is also an opportunity to see some Attack on Titan characters in unusual conditions. The game is currently available only in Japanese.

In other Muv-Luv news writer Ixtl only announced a partnership with PQube to deliver the PS Vita edition of Muv-Luv along with Muv Luv Alternative  to the west, while that the PC version ought to be coming into Steam this month.


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