The Evil Within 2 Receives First-Person Mode in New Update

PC, PS4, Xbox One

The game received great reviews, as it improved on the  divisive original in a lot of ways. While the game generally plays outside in third-person, a first-person style has been added into this game as part of a new update.

This means the conclusion  of The Evil Within 2 is currently playable in first-person. This also gives the game a bunch of replayability, as something such as another perspective can change any given scenario feels in-game. The option may be toggled off and on at any time via an in-game menu, and players may choose to use both viewpoints any time they believe they’ll be the most impactful.

Considering how popular first-person horror games like Outlast II and Resident Evil VII are, I’m surprised   that the developers added the first-person view to the game to cater to a larger niche of terror game fans.   Shinsaku Ohara, Producer at Tango Gameworks, commented about adding a first-person mode to The Evil Within 2:

“a good deal of players like playing games from first-person, therefore for those who want to observe some of the game’s situations through the eyes of Sebastian, it’s a very awesome experience.   I believe researching Union in first-person creates the scale feel bigger if you are in third-person than it does. Being able to see enemies and our surroundings up close allows players to find an even better look at just how much effort went into their own designs. ”

You can check out a new video showcasing the game’s first-person mode below. If you want to view DualShockers’ thoughts on this game, you can check our review.  


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