Muv-Luv Publisher Announces Solution for Issues Affecting Non-Backers After the Games Return to Steam


The transfer of this western printing rights of Muv-Luv and   Muv-Luv Alternative out of Degica Games back to Ixtl triggered a few issues, culminating with the removal of both games out of purchase on Steam.

The writer made a statement in the end of January, citing that the games will return this month with unique AppIDs, but that left many who didn’t back the first successful Kickstarter campaign and purchased the titles afterward with doubts.

Recently, Ixtl released an upgrade that announced a solution for all those issues. To begin with, people who purchased the games can install them anytime simply by finding them into their library.

After the games relaunch on Steam they also’ll if they desire, be in a position to get Ixtl so as to receive the versions. They’ll be posting more details on how make them as soon as they make certain everything is working under the new accounts.

Muv-Luv and Alternative will relaunch on Steam this month and will come to PS Vita soon, both digitally and physically.

Put simply  Muv-Luv news, the Attack on Titan crossover occasion and the next Valentine’s Day event are in full swing from your browser and mobile game Muv-Luv Alternative: Strike Frontier.


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