Extinction’s Newest Features Trailer Focuses on Story, Combat, and More

PC, PS4, Xbox One

In order to give folks a much better idea of exactly what the game has to offer, a attributes trailer going over many diverse facets of Extinction was published.

The movie starts with a few of the game’s producers explaining how Extinction is the action-heavy game set around Avil, the last Sentinels tasked with defending his universe by evil Ravenii orcs who arrived to Avil’s planet via a mysterious portal. We also get a glance at some cutscenes which will probably be at the game.

Iron Galaxy is notorious for creating fighting games such as Killer Instinct, therefore that they channeled some of the experience into Extinction’s gameplay. As stated by the developers, there are a lot of mechanics that are high-level.

In order to kill the Ravenii, players will need to build Rune electricity up by killing enemies and finishing mission around the game’s planet. There are also quite a few diverse approaches to climb about to be able to find the best position in connection with the 27, and traverse the surroundings. While the images may be somewhat lacking, the gameplay appears fluid, tight, and fun, so I can’t wait to test it.

You are able to have a look at the brand-new attributes preview below. Extinction is likely to release PC, PS4, and Xbox One April 10.


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