Sea of Thieves Gets Endgame Details Including Pirate Cove and Customizable Ships

PC, Xbox One

With the Sea of Thieves beta using set sail, pirates have been left contemplating exactly what the game’s progressions system would look like. While specifics had already been announced about the game’s strategy, some players thought the game would only include bringing chests back to an outpost. Now, however, we’ve obtained  much more details on what Sea of Thieves end-game content may look like.

End-game activities are going to include (among others):

Details of the events include a recent Eurogamer interview with Rare’s development  group.

Reaching the rank of “Pirate Legend” will reestablish a place of the game similar to Shipwreck Cove in the Pirates of the Caribean film. If you can’t recall that, simply think of Willy’s treasure boat from The Goonies.

Unlocking this place enables players to purchase legendary voyages–both the longest and hardest in the game–which are very similar to raids based on Design Director Mike Chapman. Furthermore, players will be able to buy fancy pirate costumes.

Unusual’s crew elaborated on Skeleton Forts, which have been accessible   from the beta in a restricted capacity. In the complete game, these forts will be signaled by a massive skeleton could at the skies and will give players with a fantastic fight and a great deal of loot. So loot it won’t fit according to the interview.

Ultimately, incredibly detailed their plans for a major update that will come post-launch which will include the status of “Legendary Captain,” that will allow players to produce the pirate cove their home base and give them to option to customize their ship. This usually means that unique ships may be through for you and your team.

Sea of Thieves launches on Xbox One and PC using Microsoft’s “Play Anywhere” on March 20. To be sure you’ll be in a position to conduct the game or maybe to see whether you’ll be able to conduct it in 4K, take a look at the Sea of Thieves program demands here. You can even have a look at the latest trailer here, which includes lore along with locales.


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