Monster Hunter World Nintendo Switch Port Would Be “Difficult” According to Capcom’s President

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Since the statement of Monster Hunter World, many asked a interface for Nintendo Switch, but according to Capcom President and Chief Operating Officer Haruhiro Tsujimoto, it would be problematic, since he explained in an interview released this afternoon by Toyo Keizai Online.

Tsujimoto-san clarifies that the game has been developed for consoles and PC since there are limits to what mobile consoles can exhibit, and the developers desired to create a game which went straight back to the drawing board with technology, responding to the expectations of gamers.

This allowed developers to exhibit a sensible ecology, and its a component that’s been welcomed by players.

Asked about the chance of creating for Nintendo Switch, Tsujimoto-san acknowledged that there’s such a need, which explains the reason why the publisher already launched Monster Hunter XX on the Switch. However, considering “different states,” it would be difficult to vent  Monster Hunter World into Nintendo Switch. The Switch is different in the other home console equally in attributes and consumer base.

Each console has its own attributes, and Tsujimoto-san argues that Capcom’s programmers will need to create. How to do accommodate Capcom’s franchises to the Switch, including   Monster Hunter, is a question that will be analyzed for your future.

Interestingly, Tsujimoto-san was asked regarding the technologies and funding gap against western programmers. He explained that an effort to catch up with tech in the future must be made by Capcom. On the other hand, the most significant variablet the tech itself, but producing games that produce the most of it. The goal is to produce a planning effort to develop games thatt located in publishers’ lineups.

Besides this, Capcom also intends to utilize data. In the age where sales of packaged games at the stores were the focus, means of listening into the users were restricted, but today the internet allows to get a lot of information.

Monster Hunter World is currently available for PS4 and Xbox One, using a PC version coming later this year in the fall.

If you want to find out more about the game, you  may read our review. Before last week, we all heard the game’s shipments have currently passed six million worldwide, also we got an updated schedule for challenge and event quests.


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