How Big Is Dynasty Warrior 9’s Open World? Watch Us Cross the Massive Map from Corner to Corner

PC, PS4, Xbox One

The biggest creation of Dynasty Warriors 9 compared to its predecessors lays at the change to an open-world environment.

The game is located in China, and China is a location that was significant. Needless to say, the map does not represent the nation, and it’s at all a 1:1 scale, but how big can it be? It ’ s very big as it turns out.

So as to test it we moved all the way to the back side corner of the map and specify a route. It’s not only a totally straight path, however there aren’t that many deviations (and trying to cross barriers instead of following the road about them would have likely taken longer anyhow), therefore it’s a great method to give you a good notion of exactly how large the game’s portrayal of China is.

Ultimately, it took us a whole hour to ride along the whole road on horseback (functioning as much as possible), crossing cities, temperate mountain passes, scenic canyons, and even jungles inhabited by tigers. Below it is possible to watch a video fast by four times, which guides the length down, as you most likely don ’ t want to sit and observe an hour of riding.

In terms of in-game time, the trip started at dawn, went into the night and outside shore.

The movie is recorded in Film Mode, which focuses on resolution on a PS4 Pro.

The dimension is certainly satisfying, and there’s lots to investigate, with many landmarks and secrets to experience along the way while this isn ’ t the greatest open-world out there.

You may take a look below. If you want to view more, then you can even watch a launching trailer,  along with another revealing pre-order costumes. Should you ’ re interested in reading our verdict, it should be found by you on DualShockers very.

Dynasty Warriors 9 starts now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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