DOOM on Nintendo Switch’s Next Update Will Fix Audio, Menus, and More

PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One

While consensus is that DOOM on Nintendo Switch is really a great port to a handheld device, few could deny it isn’t just a small rough around the edges   compared to the PC, PS4, or even Xbox One variations. And while id Software and developers difficulty Button cant mend some issues coming from the underlying hardware, a update is looking to correct a number of the issues that are more notable that fans and critics have been pointing out.

News comes directly from DOOM’s verified Twitter accounts, in which they revealed that after this month an upgrade for your Nintendo Switch version will fix sound Problems, bring menu fixes, and much more:

Little else is known about the update we’ll be seeing more official patch notes later on with specifics. But in the event the UI or the noted audio issues are keeping you back from playing with the game, you can go into buying the game using a bit more confidence.

For anyone living under a rock from some of the greatest FPS games this generationDOOM launched in ancient 2016 to thunderous applause — a authentic return-to-form for the   series. The game came out for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, but made its way into Nintendo Switch final Fall.


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