Crimson Days Makes its Way to Destiny 2 Starting Tomorrow

PC, PS4, Xbox One

Red Days, the yearly event that happens near Valentine’s Day, may make its debut at  Destiny 2 beginning tomorrow.

It s basically in case you aren ’ t familiar with what Crimson Days. Throughout the week, a 2v2 situation of Clash will be accessible from the Crucible playlist allowing you and a buddy to undertake another duo. A  new map known as the Burnout–a version of this Burning Shrine–will also be debuting through this event. Bungie released a new trailer showcasing this map just a bit while showing off some of the firefights that were 2v2.

Bungie also revealed some of the new equipment that players will be able to earn throughout Crimson Days. A few of these rewards incorporate a new emote, ghost casing, an Exotic Ornamant for its Wardcliff Coil, and an Exotic Sparrow together with all of them requiring activities to be completed before making. Theres by getting Crimson Engrams a variety of rewards which will be got. If you’re afraid of receiving drops of the identical item, fear not, because every reward is going to be crossed off of the Crimson Days knock-out list which makes it impossible that you earn the reward from an Engram.

Make sure you take a look at the preview for Crimson Days, if you would like to have a look at a few of this loot. Crimson Days will begin at  Destiny 2 beginning after tomorrow’s weekly update and will conclude the following Tuesday, February 20. For more about  Destiny 2, make sure you check out what the future of this game will look like as Bungie recently summarized the game’s planned trajectory through the remainder of Season 2 and beginning of Season 3.


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