Star Citizen Gets New Videos About Ship Combat and Weapons; Crowdfunding Passes 178 MIllion Dollars


Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games published a couple of brand new videos focusing on battle.

The first video is that the weekly episode of Around the Verse including weapon balancing both on foot and in space, however we also get to watch other goodies, including the very first iteration of character personalization.

Both videos are interesting, as they shed light on some of the deepest and trickiest aspects of game development.

In other   Star Citizen information, the crowdfunding complete has passed yet another milestone and is now over 178 million bucks. It ’ s sitting 178,194,460 at the moment of the writing to be exact.

The video that is complete can be checked out by you beneath. If you would like to see and learn more, you’ll be able to enjoy more info on the single-player campaign   Squadron 42 directly from Chris Roberts,  the magnificent  vertical slice of this effort, and a version of the same footage with commentary from the developers, yet another  video featuring this Coila teaser starring Mark Hamill. You can also read more about the soundtrack, and also the programs for the next major update to the persistent universe, that will be alpha 3.1 at March.

For the interest of full disclosure, then please remember that the author of this post is just one of the backers of all  Star Citizen‘s crowdfunding effort.


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