Bridge Constructor Portal Receives Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One Release Dates

PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One

Headup Games and ClockStone Software surprised   many Portal fans last December If they Declared and Soon thereafter Introduced Bridge Constructor Portal. It wasn’t the Portal 3 most people would enjoy, but it’s a special spinoff that’s in a position to stand on its own. DualShockers Staff Writer Tanner Pierce even place the game in his Top 10 Games of all 2017 listing. Regrettably, Bridge Constructor Portal only released for PC, iOS, and Android last calendar year.

That’ll change soon though, as the release dates for both the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One variations of the game were announced.

The game is pretty much what you may infer from the title: a crossover between the Bridge Constructor series and Portal.   The objective of each level is to  find a car from 1 side of the screen to the other. To accomplish this, players have to build bridges, but in this game, players will also need to use and work around several components in the Portal series. Series lovers can rest easy also, as Ellen McLain nevertheless participates GLaDOS at Bridge Constructor Portal.  

You can take a look at a trailer promoting the Nintendo Switch variant of this game below. Bridge Constructor Portal is currently accessible on PC, iOS, also Android, and also will release on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One on February 28 before starting on PS4 March 1.


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