Kharon’s Crypt – Even Death May Die Getting a Nintendo Switch Release

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Two months before, Kharon’s Crypt fulfilled its Kickstarter  funding target and has met its stretch goal for a Nintendo Switch interface. Even though there’s still official filing to be achieved, developers Andromeda Project has supported that Nintendo of Europe has already approved the job for release on Nintendo Switch.

1 key sidenote cited is that the Nintendo Switch variant might have to be remade pretty much from scratch because “Game Maker may’t export to Switch. ” While definitely an obstruction that will make the Switch version launch afterwards, Andromeda Project doesn’t seem too concerned about the holdup.

Kharon’s Crypt is a dungeon crawler with action and puzzles. It’s really much motivated by games such as top Zelda games from the Gameboy Color not only in gameplay but in visuals too. But the assumption of Kharon’s Crypt is where the game is different. It’therefore a non-linear dungeon crawler starring a soul named Kharon. It’s his obligation to escape out of the crypt that he’s buried inside. Kharon starts out as a flying ghost, but can soon possess the bodies of his enemies to take advantage of the abilities.

Fly as a bat, either utilize a skeleton’s sword, or hide in plain sight as a mimic. So instead of simply copying a Zelda title, Kharon’s Crypt enables you to play as the numerous enemies you’ll encounter throughout the game. Maybe we’ll also get to drive around Kharon’s version of a Chu Chu.

Kharon’s Crypt is supposed to launch in October 2018, but the Nintendo Switch interface has yet to obtain  an official launch window.


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