Shadow of the Colossus Looks Epic in New Video as Developers Explain How they Remade the Graphics


Now Sony Interactive Entertainment Introduced a video of the upcoming Shadow of The Colossus PS4 remaster.

The movie features some wonderful gameplay, and includes commentary in Bluepoint Games Art Director Mark Skelton, Co-Founder Marco Thrush, and Technical Director Peter Dalton because they explain how they enhanced the game’s images.

We hear the way the environments have been remade from scratch taking the game as a template, and the way developers have strived to convey the scale of this vistas that we’ll experience.

Animation continues to be redone, and details which were not present in the original game have been added which makes it up for items that weren’t technically possible backwards in 2005.

A new physics system was added, between things such as the protagonist’s poncho along with the tail of the horse.

You compare it with your own memories of the masterpiece, and can enjoy the entire movie under. If you wish to find out more, it is also possible to  appreciate recent trailers  and screenshots from Paris Games Week, more   screenshots from Tokyo Game Show, another trailer in Tokyo, and the   original announcement from E3.


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