Rocket League’s Next Update Will Introduce 1980s-Themed Velocity Crates

PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One

Now, Psyonix has declared a new patch that’s coming into  Rocket League that will introduce an assortment of new items which come directly in the ’80s.

According to the programmer, starting Monday, December 4th, the newest upgrade to Rocket League will present”Velocity Crates” into the game. These crates will offer gear for players to improve their collection.

Among the most critical things includes also a snazzy sports car which has a reddish paint coating and brakes, the Imperator DT5.   Naturally, it’s more easy to mention it looks like something ripped out of that particular decade.

Apart from a new vehicle the latest update will also introduce six new decals. In addition to this, an abundance of target explosions, wheels, player banner ads, and other things will be up for grabs when the update drops to entice players back .

In other   Rocket League news, earlier that month, Psyonix published a interface of the favorite title to Nintendo’s hybrid console the Switch. In addition, if you want to listen to our thoughts on   Rocket League‘s Switch interface, you can check out our hands-on trailer of this name.

Rocket League is accessible today on Linux, Mac, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch.


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