Jazz Jackrabbit & Epic Pinball Return to PC with New Releases on GOG


While younger gamers likely didn’t have a chance to experience it, the cult classic Jazz Jackrabbit has been an especially memorable platformer in the 1990s for players around MS-DOS (and notably was one of the very first games manufactured by Cliff Bleszinski of   Gears of War and   LawBreakers fame), and now a new generation will be able to go through the names now.

GOG has declared that the Jazz Jackrabbit series is currently available for sale through the internet merchant, with the first  and Jazz Jackrabbit 2 available for $9.99 per year, and Epic MegaGames’ Epic Pinball (that is currently known as Epic Games) is also available on the storefront for $5.99. All three titles are currently discounted by 10% off because of a special launch marketing (until December 7th at 2pm UTC), or even individuals looking to play all three will have the ability to snatch a package at $19.47.

Although the first game and its sequel bring players the first versions of the iconic platformers, GOG’s release of Jazz Jackrabbit 2 also contains that the “JJ2+” mod which collects numerous mods in the games’ community collectively, including enlarged multiplayer features and game styles, bug fixes, and additional tools to perform with other user creations or make your own.

To get a closer look at the GOG releases of the   Jazz Jackrabbit series, you’ll be able to head over to their storefront.


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